Until We Meet Again

As you may have noticed, I've been slacking a bit on keeping up with my lovely blog.  As much as I love having a space to express my thoughts (and latest fashion obsessions), I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the social media activities that I (willfully) enrolled myself in and entertain on an hourly basis.  Between Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram and Pinterest (to name a few), there is just too much going on.  I am not saying that I am about to delete all of my social media accounts (that would be too radical!).  However, I am saying that I am choosing "less".  Less things to update, less things to stay updated on and, in general, less "not real life" stuff to worry about.

With that said, I am closing out DG Style.  It had a great run (started in Aug 2009) and I fully enjoyed sharing my personal insights.  Thank you for all of your support over the years!  I loved the entire ride.  And I look forward to running into you again, in the future.


Tiny little tree

I created this little project back in August, but, as you have probably noticed, I have been a bit busy and/or lazy about posting on my blog (shame on me!).  But the "little tree" project did happen, so I wanted to share it.

During one of my many field trips to Home Goods, I found a funky artichoke-like bowl/vase/table decoration.  I didn't really know what to do with it, but loved the shape and the texture it brought to my living room.  After having it around, looking empty, for a month or two, I decided to spruce it up.  So I pulled out some left over white sand and tiny pebbles.  And then, I went to a hobby shop to purchase a miniature tree (you know the type that people use when they build a little winter scene or perhaps a train track scene)... they are soooo tiny and cute!

THIS is what this bowl/vase thing was for!  I am totally loving the little green tree... it adds color and confuses visitors.


Front Door Update

I was looking around my entry and noticed that, although it’s nice, open and airy, it’s just a bit too... monotonous.   This is caused by several factors: too many doors in a small area (entry, garage, closet, powder room), no large wall for hanging colorful art, no real corner for an entry table or out-of-the-way space for placing some large decoration to break up the gray/ white motif.

As I walked around my entry, I walked into the dining space, which consists of a glass table and a built-in bench with gray seat cushions and coral pillows.  Coral, huh?

Yes, I like it.  It's the exact vibrant color that is missing from my entry.... so I took some left over fabric from the pillows and got a quart of color-matched paint.

And then, we painted... the interior side of my front door!  The risky move definitely paid off.  It also helps that my front door has a glass window with white trim that breaks up the bold statement.  Love!


Every time my eye catches the coral door from the kitchen or the living room, my lips curl in a cute tiny smile.


Gladiolus Leftovers

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon the most beautiful gladiolus at Whole Foods. They were HUGE, bright and at the peak of perfection.  I arranged them in a tall glass vase, simply criss-crossing each stalk so they would hold each other up and create a balanced look.  It's hard to tell how enormous this arrangement turned out simply because the gladiolus were so tall.

After a few days, the pretty gladiolus started to wither away (true story of real flowers).   However, the very tips of each stalk have just started to bloom.  So to save those bright blooms, I cut them off the dead stalks and placed them in a much shorter and smaller round glass vase.  To add a little bit of balance (and, let's be honest, pizzazz!), I added a mixture of large stones and tiny pebbles to the bottom of the vase.  Now I can enjoy a few extra days with these gorgeous blooms.


TV Wall

Although I am not yet ready to reveal my living room, I'm going to give you a sneak peak of my TV wall.

To set the mood... my living room has been completely re-modeled (you can see a before shot in this past post).  The carpet was torn out and replaced with Brazilian Cherry hardwood.  The room was painted in shades of grey, as a continuation from the entry/ hallway.  Crown molding and extra tall base boards were added and all of the trim has been painted white.

I opted to make the TV wall the focal point of the room (instead of the fireplace... for now).  The entire living room is painted in Behr's Gray Timber Wolf, however, for the accent wall, I went with a darker Behr Dark Granite.  Since it's such a large, uninterrupted wall in the room, I wanted to add a little "something-something" to the darkness.  After Pinteresting for hours, I really fell in love with an all-over stenciling idea.  I decided to go with a more subtle approach, so I bought the same Dark Granite paint, but in a high gloss finish.  I then found this Rabat stencil (gorgeous!) and started the 2-day process of transforming my focal wall (so glad I did not have to do the entire room).

The end result is... well, FABULOUS!
No one can walk past the wall without touching it :)

When it's dark, the stencil is hardly visible (see how it fades into the darkness in the photo below?).  However, when the light hits the high gloss finish, the reflection of the all-over print suddenly appears.  Subtle...yet definitely dramatic.

Side note: the chairs are facing the sectional on the other side of the room.  TV watching is saved for the couch.  The chairs are used when entertaining, as they create a circular social setting in the living room.  Cowhide rug still to come!

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