Work out in style

Going to the gym can be dreadful enough.  But finding cute clothes to wear to the gym and show off that hot body shouldn't be.  Think outside the usual t-shirt/shorts combo and don't be afraid to shop for workout gear outside the athletic department.  Here is an example of how you can look stylish, even at the gym.

(1) Noelle, $60, A&F (2) Zella 'Carrie - Elliptical' Tank, $44, Nordstrom (3) Bauhaus Streamline Weekender, $375, Matt & Nat (4) Perfect Butt Boot, $50, A&F (5) Women's K-Street Sneaker, $69.95, PUMA

(1) Carnivore Tee, $24, dELiAs (2) Nike Dri-FIT Terry Hoody, $65, Nordstrom (3) Round Logo Cap, $40, Ralph Lauren (4) Zella “Soul” Shorts, $48.00, Nordstrom (5) Cell Volt Wn’s, $90, Puma

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kcash said...

I am definitely challenged in this area - need to work on this asap!

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