Beautiful bathrooms

In the usually small space of a bathroom, we spend lots of alone time. Whether it's brushing our teeth, soaking in the tub or flipping through a magazine, it's time for our thoughts to race and our bodies to relax. The bathroom is a great place to create ambiance and mood, whether it's "spa getaway," "modern luxury" or "girly lavishness."

This small room deserves your time and attention. First, start by envisioning the perfect place for time alone - is it quiet and peaceful or bold and colorful? Next, sticking to your style (i.e. modern, traditional), select the major elements that need to be replaces - bathtub, vanity. They do not need to be part of a "pre-packaged" set. Just make sure the pieces blend well together and create the look you are trying to achieve. Finally, accessorize! (For those of you who cannot remodel the entire bathroom, skip straight to step "accessorize!"). Things such as mirrors, scales, shower curtains, lights, containers and rugs all add to the perfect recipe of your personalized retreat.

I have put together some bathroom designs that instantly give me a feeling of luxurious relaxation. Let me know your ideas of the perfect bathroom retreat.

(1) Thick green grass mounted chunky, $75, Amazon (2) Agave pendant lamp, $88, Chiasso (3) Parsons Double Rectangular Vessel Washstand, $3,095, Restoration Hardware (4) Turkish Towels Ash Collection, $84, Restoration Hardware (5) Classic Floor Mirror, $299, Potterybarn (6) Kos 180 geo tub, $5,000, Kositalia.com (7) Mosaic Silver Unglazed Glass Tile, $300, Lowe’s (8) Tusk vases, $99.98, CB2 and Faux Miscanthus Grass, $9.99, Michael’s

(1) Grass Cloth Wallpaper, $38.90, Lowe’s (2) Chatham Triple Sconce, $199, Restoration Hardware (3) Ruffled Shower Curtains, $96, burkedecor.com (4) Mirror-Framed Mirror, $149, West Elm (5) Classic Victorian Clawfoot Tub, $3,110, Restoration Hardware (6) Flameless Candle Set, $29.99, Amazon (7) Shaggy Rug – Lavender, $69, Target (8) Glass Apothecary Canister Gift Set, $175, Restoration Hardware

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