Labor Day Weekend

Happy (early) Labor Day! Hope everyone enjoys the extra day off this weekend. 

During holidays such as Labor Day, there is nothing more patriotic than wearing your red, blue and white. Well...more like red-ish, blue-ish and white-ish...while a dash of neutrals and accessories!  To achieve a non-traditional patriotic look, avoid items that have all three colors already combined, try a stripped or patterned design and add some unexpected and shiny accessories. The end result is a chic outfit that still maintains that national flair. Here are some ideas for your Labor Day weekend.

(1) The Anton sweater, $98, J Crew (2) City Style Sleeveless Stripe Ruffle Top, $29.95, NY&C (3) Bon mot small coal, $155, Kate Spade (4) Gorgeous cotton trouser, $78, J. crew (5) Black Diamond Bangle Set, $70, Ann Taylor (6) Giovanna, $67.95, Jessica Simpson

(1) BDG Raglan Sleeve Tee, $28, Urban Outfitters (2) Cashmere zip-front hoodie, $188, J. Crew (3) Cubic Zirconia Ring, $45, Ann Taylor (4) Luxe Shimmer Scarf, $45, Ann Taylor (5) Flats, $199, Marc by Marc (6) 7" chino short, $42, J. Crew

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