Not-so-touristy souvenirs

I have returned from vacation and San Francisco was a blast! To remember my memories, I wanted to bring back a souvenir that had some meaning to me, but I struggled to find anything more than a plastic trolley ornament or a cheap t-shirt. I think a great souvenir is an everyday, useful item that, also, reignites your travel memories and experiences. 

Here are some things I would have loved to have brought home to remember San Francisco.

A prison-striped scarf to remember Alcatraz.

Colored socks to remember the "Painted Ladies".

A wooden chair with straight lines to remember the orange Golden Gate Bridge.

A sleek-fabric grey dress to remember the Sea Lions from Pier 39.

A crooked floor lamp to remember Lombard Street, "the crookedest street in the world."

And stemless wine glasses to remember Napa Valley.

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