Can you tell the difference?

I believe that you DO get what you pay for.  The higher price can afford you nicer, softer, longer-lasting items.  And some items are totally worth it!

However, sometimes, price is relative.  Some items receive a higher price simply for the brand name.  And depending on the item and your intended use, you may give away a bit of quality to save big.  The key is to know how to scope out the best deal that works for your pocket and your style.

I found a few items that seem comparable, yet differ greatly in price.  Can you tell the difference?

(1) Glam it up Luxe, $300, hautehostessaprons.com (2) Smocks Designer Aprons , $39.95, http://stores.smocksdesign.biz

(1) Couture Stripe Heidi Tassel Hat, $55, Juicy Couture (2) Mossimo Knit Trapper Hat, $12, Target

(1) Venetian Beaded Leaner Mirror, $699, Restoration Hardware (2) Antique Tiled Floor Mirror, $359, West Elm

(1) Tie-Front Wrap Dresses, $29.95, Old Navy (2) Kimoni Wrap Dress, $445, Diane von Furstenberg

(1) Jonsbo egby, $19.99, Ikea (2) Bacchus Table Lamp, $199, Potterybarn

(1) Hillary Wool Pump, $22.99, Payless Shoes (2) Platswoon Pump, $298, Stuart Weitzman

(1) Icon trench, $298, J. Crew (2) Belted Trench Coats, $49.50, Old Navy

(1) Apothecary Jars, $30, Container Store (2) Victorian Accessories, $150, Restoration Hardware

(1) Belted Shawl Cardi Coats, $44.50, Old Navy (2) Hooded sweater coat, $79.50, Gap

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