Flower arrangements

Flowers can complete any room in your house and make it welcoming, exciting or just simply pretty. I am a huge fan of displaying fresh flowers in different vases throughout my house - it's easy and creates a decorated and polished look.

If you have to select where to place the flower arrangements, consider what you see as you walk through your house. High traffic areas are great for flowers because you will get the most enjoyment out of them before they wither away.

The living/family room, where you entertain, definitely deserves fresh flowers. Consider placing the flower arrangement in the corner of a coffee table, on a side tables or book shelves. Large arrangements can be placed on the floor. Just make sure the arrangements are not blocking the view of the TV and are not getting in the middle of you and your guests' conversations. A striking arrangement will get noticed without cluttering up the room. If you decide to have small vases and flowers, consider pulling together multiple vases with similar flowers for a bigger impact.

The guest bathroom is also a great location for flowers. Your guests will most certainly use your bathroom (it's human nature) and will get a pretty surprise while stepping into "someone else's bathroom." Make sure to place the arrangement in a secure place, where there is no chance of your guest accidentally knocking it over - no need to create a big embarrassing scene. Placing flowers at the sing or on top of the toilet bowl are ideal. Avoid super fragrant flowers as they can overtake the usually small bathroom, however, a hint of fragrance is always a great idea.

If you have an entry way table/console or a large dining room table that is visible from a hallway, definitely take advantage of this space, which can set the mood of your entire house. When guests walk into your house, initial impressions are key. By having a large bouquet greet your guests as you open the front door or another one peek out of a dining room as you walk your guests to the entertaining area, you can instill a welcoming and aromatic impression. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to arrange fresh flowers and your home will look like a model from the latest home style magazine.

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