Halloween decorations

So you're ready to throw a Halloween party!  But once you start decorating with the same old pumpkin-shaped candy dishes, plastic skeletons and spider webs, you begin to feel a little déjà-vu.

Instead of throwing out the decorations you have collected over the years, let’s simply re-purpose!  By adding a few additional items or spray painting some existing ones, you can re-create an entirely new look.

Here is an idea for a traditional black-and-orange Halloween party, but with newly added bling to freshen up the look and make it stand out from past parties.

(1) Black Skull Candle, $16.95, Z Gallery (2) LED Light String with Sound Box, $24.99, Target (3) Candelabra, $49.99, Target (4) Jeweled Skull Tray, $12.95, Z Gallery (5) Urchin vase-sculpture, $39.95, cb2 (6) Glass Icon Skull Candle, $24.95, Z Gallery

If this is your first year hosting a Halloween party, don’t run out and buy a Target aisle – not everything needs to be branded “Halloween”.  As long as you stick in a color palette or have a common theme (i.e. skulls, skeletons), you can pull of everyday items as Halloween-specific decorations.

This idea takes a whole new, fun approach to Halloween – who said it has to be scary?  Here, I combined the complimentary colors of orange and pink.  I also added some neutrals to ease the eye.

(1) Boo! Wood Cut-Out, $6.95, The Afternoon (2) Metallic Skull, $24.95, Z Gallery (3) Silver Bullion Ball, $22, West Elm (4) Serving Bowl, $33.99, centralchef.com

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kcash said...

yay halloween! wish you were coming to the party! boo :(

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