Not your average pumpkin

I love carving pumpkins as the next 10-year-old kid.  But as the years go on, I've noticed that carving the same 2-eyed-big-mouthed face gets a bit tedious.  So I looked into other ideas and came across many new ways to carve or simply decorate a pumpkin.

Pumpkins do not always have to be carved.  Try accessorizing your pumpkin with a ribbon or a super fun eye mask!

Creating a creature out of the pumpkin, such as a spider or caterpillar, is a creative new take on using pumpkins.

You could also paint the entire pumpkin for a drastic new look.  Paint designs on your pumpkin or paint the entire thing white to resemble a ghost.

If you are still leaning towards carving, get a fun template or spell out a spooky word.

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kcash said...

love this! thanks for the great ideas!

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