Things I want for my home

I know, I know...the economy is horrible, everyone is losing their jobs, there is no financial stability.  BUT a girl can dream, right?

I figure as long as I just browse new items for my house and not make the actual purchase, I'm safe!  If I could go on a shopping spree, here are some things I would get for my house ASAP:

Row 1: (1) Animal index, $23, greenergrassdesign.com (2) Lacquer Boxes, $24, West Elm (3) Side table, $275, Magino
Row 2: (4) Barbie Lacquer Tray, $150, Jonathan Adler
Row 3: (5) Zodax Modern Morocco Embossed Silver Square Tall Lantern, $116, Amazon (6) Flowers, $50, Tilla (7) Tree Snow Globe, $29, West Elm (8) Bramble vase, $68, Jonathan Adler
Row 4: (9) Gnome's Home Moss Terrarium, $30, Etsy.com (10) Faux-Sheepskin Throw, $99, Potterybarn (11) Bonsai Tree, $99.95, Crate and Barrel (12) Slate Hummingbird with Eucalyptus Rectangle Pil, $28, Etsy.com

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