Fashion trend: the infinity scarf

With each new season comes a new trend.  This fall/winter, it's the infinity scarf.  And, oh, how cozy it is!

The infinity scarf is a long loop that is worn doubled over around the neck.  Without the typical scarf "ends," this version always looks like you just walked off of a modeling shoot with the perfectly wrapped accessory. 

Wear it with your winter jacket or wear it with a long-sleeve shirt, in place of a necklace - it's versatile, cozy AND stylish.  Sign me up!

Row 1: (1) Rachel Comey, $190, gargyle.com (2) Soft Knit Cowl Loop Scarf, $54.50, Martin + Osa (3) Single Infinity Scarf, $45, Echo
Row 2: (4) Circular Scarf, $24.50, American Eagle
Row 3: (5) Scrolling Infinity Scarf Solid Grey, $90, etsy.com (6) Shaker Infinity Scarf, $39.50, The Limited (7) Lambswool/Cashmere Infinity Scarf, $75, DKNY
Row 4: (8) Mysterious Scarf, $34, Roxy (9) Organic Luxury Scarf, $68.50, etsy.com (10) Sparkly Striped Circular Scarf, $24.50, American Eagle (11) Cable Knit Infinity Scarf, $28, Roxy

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