Multiple chandeliers

I was randomly watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (random because I never watch this show) a couple of weeks ago and they had this amazing chandelier idea that I have to share.

 Although I am not thrilled about the plastic knifes/spoons/forks they used for the shiny things hanging off the chandeliers (it was for a person who provides food for many kids...makes sense for her, I guess), I am absolutely in love with the affect of hanging multiple sparkling chandeliers in an open space. Looks gorgeous!


Perfect 2010 calendar

So, I think I finally found the perfect 2010 wall calendar.  It's from Linda & Harriett.  The cost is only $30 (for a whole year!), for which you get 12 fully letterpressed months (each 9"X5.25") with gorgeous prints.

But the best part is that on the back of each month is a postcard image.  So, once your are finished with a month, you can cut the bottom portion off and send it off, as a postcard, to a friend.  How cool!


Adorable ornaments

If I had a Christmas tree, I would definitely add these adorable ornaments to it!

Row 1: (1) Menagerie Ornaments, $23.50, Jonathan Adler (2) Coil Jingle Bell Tree Ornament, $2.95, Crate and Barrel
Row 2: (3) Cow ornament, $7.95, cb2
I guess I can always get one of these to display a few cute ornaments.

Ornament Centerpiece, $49.95, Crate and Barrel


Holiday décor without the "cheese"

'Tis the season...for decking out the house!

I enjoy adding little touches of the holiday season to the house.  It's like enjoying the beauty of the white snow, glittering magic and natural winter forest...right in your living room!  What I don't enjoy is the over-the-top, cheesy decor that completely takes over your house and creates an over-stimulating affect for all guests. 

Take it easy; you don't need to decorate every single inch of space with holiday cheer.  Instead, select a few of your favorite decorations to use this year or a specific space within the house.  Another way to keep the clutter to a minimum is by sticking to one main holiday color, like silver or white.  This creates a holiday scene that is visually appealing and easy to digest.  So keep the chic-ness of your living space and add a little bit of holiday, in a tasteful manner to get the best of both worlds.

Here are some rooms that I absolutely love.  They have subtle holiday additions: a red pillow, an ornament hanging on a year-long indoor tree, a vintage sled in the corner, lit up cone trees, multiple white miniature evergreen trees, reindeer chair with lights, and so on.

Here are some specific decoration/accents you display during the holidays.  They are not over-powering, but still have lots of holiday cheer.


Comfy Friday

I recently stumbled into Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT's lounge section (why hasn't this happened earlier?!?!).  All of the pieces (at both stores) are super soft and comfy, but still maintain a presentable look.  So, if you are relaxing at home and the UPS guy comes by with a delivery, there is no shame in meeting him in your comfy lounge wear.  And, I honestly believe that I could pull some of these pieces IN PUBLIC, running around during the weekend!  I dare say.

Here are some pieces I plan to attain within the next few weeks (come on post-Christmas sales!).

Row 1: (1) Open Front Cocoon Cardigan, $79.50, Ann Taylor LOFT (2) French Terry V-Neck Pullover Hoodie, $49.50, Ann Taylor LOFT (3) Flat Front Yoga Pant, $34.50, Ann Taylor LOFT
Row 2: (4) Hooded Jacket, $85, Ann Taylor (5) Mesh Trim Camisole, $28, Ann Taylor (6) Ribbed Draped Neck Jacket, $89.50, Ann Taylor LOFT


Holiday favor

I came across this simple and adorable favor idea for guests at your upcoming holiday party.  It's a Ornament Favor Wrap, found at Etsy.  For $4, you can download the template, print it out and wrap it around any ornament you want.  Simple and gorgeous!


For the end of the bed

So you have your cute bedroom with your chic furniture and your adorable bedding.  But do you have an end of bed "attachment"?

If you answered "yes": great work!
If you answered "no": keep reading :)

Of course, not all bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a comfy (by that I mean "big") bed, end tables, dressers AND a bench or stools for the end of the bed.  But if you do have the space, take advantage!  Not only does a bench provide seating (when you need to put your socks on) and surface space (for placing blankets and books), but it also creates a grand look for the rest of the room.  An extra bench or stools creates additional space that can be chic and useful.

I love the look of one simple long bench.  Your bench options are unlimited: cushioned and comfy, wood and sleek, matches the headboard, includes a storage compartment, is a chaise that can later be used in a different part of the house, etc.  Check out some of my favorite photos of adding a bench to your bed.

I also love the versatility of stools.  This option may be more economical and offers many different arrangements: 2-3 stools lined up together to create the appearance of a bench, fun shapes or colors to add spice to the room, or use one at the foot of the bed and the other one for a night stand.  But don't be afraid to splurge on really pretty stools, as you can always find other uses for them as long as you own them (think: living room side table, entry way seating area, bathroom cabinet).  Here are some of my favorite finds to inspire you.


Rainboot vase

Here is a cute idea for those old rainboots that you will never wear again (because you have already replaced them with a cuter and better pair).  Use them as a floor vase!  All you need are some tall pretty tree branches (think: flower tree or pine tree).  Stick them in the boots and place the arrangement near an entrance door or console table.  Way to recycle!


Eight crazy nights!

Hanukkah begins tonight (yay!) and will continue for eight crazy nights.  This reminded me that it's time to get my menorah out and get ready to light some candles!  And that made me want to look up what new modern menorah designs have surfaced this year.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. this menorah (and it's the cheapest out of all of my favs):

Modern, $49.99, Target

These would also look fantastic in my house:

Row 1: (1) Relief, $98, Jonathan Adler (available at Nordstrom) (2) Skyline, $125, Jonathan Adler (available at Nordstrom)
Row 2: (3) Aluminum Bar, $450, thejewishmuseum.org
Row 3: (4) Illume, $175, Nambe (available at Neiman Marcus) (5) Scooter, $50, thejewishmuseum.org


Fashion trend: suede pumps

For some reason, suede and winter/cold just go together.  I guess the cold makes me want to wrap anything soft and fuzzy around my body (that includes my feet).  So I am excited at the popularity of suede shoes because that just means many more affordable options to spruce up any outfit.  My favorite color is grey, but I also love the looks of a blue suede pump.

Row 1: (1) Comodo pump, $79.95, Steve Madden (2) Demode, $88.95, Nine West (3) Bromei, $99, Enzo Angiolini
Row 2: (4) Pompadour, $134.95, Charles by Charles David (5) Davanna, $69.99, Bandolino (6) Calliee, $109.95, Steve Madden


Brooch on necklace

I ♥ brooches!  But I can't get enough of just wearing them on a cardigan or coat.  I want to wear them on my necklace!  I love this idea and have been implementing it for a few months. 

The trick is to find the right necklace that can handle the extra glam of a pretty brooch.  Long pearl necklaces work best, since they are monotone and neutral.  Other long necklaces can work too, but be careful when selecting the brooch - make sure you don't create an accessory blunder (i.e. too many contradicting colors or metals).

Bonus, you can also use your adorable hair pins (think flowers or feather pins) to clip onto your necklace instead of a brooch.


Color combos

I have noticed that I compile outfits and decorate my house in certain color combinations.  I've gone through several favorite combos in the past, such as brown and bright (no pale!) pink, navy and yellow, black and silver, grey and pink, brown and green...to name a few.

Well I wanted to share my two latest color combo obsessions...



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