Eight crazy nights!

Hanukkah begins tonight (yay!) and will continue for eight crazy nights.  This reminded me that it's time to get my menorah out and get ready to light some candles!  And that made me want to look up what new modern menorah designs have surfaced this year.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. this menorah (and it's the cheapest out of all of my favs):

Modern, $49.99, Target

These would also look fantastic in my house:

Row 1: (1) Relief, $98, Jonathan Adler (available at Nordstrom) (2) Skyline, $125, Jonathan Adler (available at Nordstrom)
Row 2: (3) Aluminum Bar, $450, thejewishmuseum.org
Row 3: (4) Illume, $175, Nambe (available at Neiman Marcus) (5) Scooter, $50, thejewishmuseum.org

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