For the end of the bed

So you have your cute bedroom with your chic furniture and your adorable bedding.  But do you have an end of bed "attachment"?

If you answered "yes": great work!
If you answered "no": keep reading :)

Of course, not all bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a comfy (by that I mean "big") bed, end tables, dressers AND a bench or stools for the end of the bed.  But if you do have the space, take advantage!  Not only does a bench provide seating (when you need to put your socks on) and surface space (for placing blankets and books), but it also creates a grand look for the rest of the room.  An extra bench or stools creates additional space that can be chic and useful.

I love the look of one simple long bench.  Your bench options are unlimited: cushioned and comfy, wood and sleek, matches the headboard, includes a storage compartment, is a chaise that can later be used in a different part of the house, etc.  Check out some of my favorite photos of adding a bench to your bed.

I also love the versatility of stools.  This option may be more economical and offers many different arrangements: 2-3 stools lined up together to create the appearance of a bench, fun shapes or colors to add spice to the room, or use one at the foot of the bed and the other one for a night stand.  But don't be afraid to splurge on really pretty stools, as you can always find other uses for them as long as you own them (think: living room side table, entry way seating area, bathroom cabinet).  Here are some of my favorite finds to inspire you.

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