Holiday décor without the "cheese"

'Tis the season...for decking out the house!

I enjoy adding little touches of the holiday season to the house.  It's like enjoying the beauty of the white snow, glittering magic and natural winter forest...right in your living room!  What I don't enjoy is the over-the-top, cheesy decor that completely takes over your house and creates an over-stimulating affect for all guests. 

Take it easy; you don't need to decorate every single inch of space with holiday cheer.  Instead, select a few of your favorite decorations to use this year or a specific space within the house.  Another way to keep the clutter to a minimum is by sticking to one main holiday color, like silver or white.  This creates a holiday scene that is visually appealing and easy to digest.  So keep the chic-ness of your living space and add a little bit of holiday, in a tasteful manner to get the best of both worlds.

Here are some rooms that I absolutely love.  They have subtle holiday additions: a red pillow, an ornament hanging on a year-long indoor tree, a vintage sled in the corner, lit up cone trees, multiple white miniature evergreen trees, reindeer chair with lights, and so on.

Here are some specific decoration/accents you display during the holidays.  They are not over-powering, but still have lots of holiday cheer.

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