Adorable Vday gifts

Want a new idea for what to get your sweetie this Valentine's Day?  How about something that you both will enjoy...check out Bold Loft, an online store with TONS of cute graphics that represent love, kisses and hugs, oh my!  Even the product titles are adorable!  Here is a glance at a few...

The "Miss you with all my heart" drinking glass set for $24:

The "All my love for you" pillowcases in dark blue for $36:

The "No matter the miles" coffee mugs for $27:

The "Catch my heart" body pillowcase for $32:


Guest bathroom update

So, as many of you know, I am a renter.  It's great because I never have to worry about plowing snow or fixing a leak.  But it sucks because I can't paint the walls or do any "real" house updates.  However, I take full advantage in decorating my apartment to make it feel more like home.

This week I am working on re-decorating my bathroom (note: not actual glass shower pictured).  

Here is the before mood board (I know the towels look like they are made for a child, but I loved the dragonflies on them!).

(1) Posters and frames (similar as pictured), $80, IKEA (2) Simply Vera Vera Wang Bath Towel, $19.99 each, Kohl’s (3) Bath rug, $19.99, Target (4) Bacova® Flyaway Butterfly Towels, $16.99 each, Kohl’s

Here is the after mood board:

(1) SONOMA life + style Coral, $19.99, Kohl’s (2) Pebble mat, $44.95, cb2 (3) Posters and frames (similar as pictured), $80, IKEA (4) Coral Jacquard Hand Towels, $19 each, Potterybarn (5) Contemporary Home Towel Set – Ebony, $37.99, Target



Rosy soaps

With Valentine's Day around the corner, these soaps are even more appropriate.  But even without the lover's holiday, how adorable is this set of 9-roses of soap (especially laid out on a simple white or silver tray/plate)!

You can, literally, tear off each petal and use it as soap - great idea for when you have guests over.  Or you can use a few of the petals for an aromatic bath.


Wall art

Came across PopWall on Etsy

Great idea for renters who can't paint their white walls.  How about adding "grown up" vinyl sticker to create a magnificent affect?  You can chose any color for an already existing design or work with PopWall's designers to create something custom.  Either way, you can build your wall to your liking and overcome obstacles, such as windows and doors.


Resort wear

"Resort wear" or "cruise wear" is going on! Well, at least for the lucky few who are able to get away. I, unfortunately, have no trips planned for the next couple of months, but that doesn't mean I will skip right over all the current "resort wear" fashions!

I have compiled three totally different looks that all still portray the fun, beach-y, relaxed style: simple elegance, playful color and nautical.

Simple elegance

(1) Beach Tote, $325, Tory Burch (2) Decorum & Daring One-Piece, $188, Anthropologie (3) Tom Ford 'Raquel' Cutout Oversized Sunglasses, $380, Nordstrom (4) Twisted One Shoulder Maxi, $59.49, asos.com (5) Asymmetric Crystal Bracelet, $390, Neiman Marcus (6) Angie Sandal, $39.50, dELiAs

Playful color

(1) Paula Convertible Beach Tote, $29.50, dELiAs (2) Babydoll Bra Top dress, $48, Victoria’s Secret (3) Refined silk-cashmere wrap, $75, J. Crew (4) Beach Towel, $40, Roxy (5) Solid microruffles pink bikini, $86, J. Crew (6) Diba Sand Ankle Wrap Sandal, $45, DSW


(1) Biarritz-stripe bikini, $90, J. Crew (2) Anchor pendant, $150, Tiffany & Co. (3) Grand Affair Tank, $88, Anthropologie (4) Anchor Bag, $145, Martin + Osa (5) Diba Very Hot, $49, zappos.com (6) Stretch Canvas Pants with Belt, $59.50, Ann Taylor Loft (7) Max 11 straw fedora, $300, net-a-porter.com


Brown loves black

For those of you who are die-hard I-will-never-be-seen-pairing-brown-with-black, get ready for a pleasant change! 

For the past few months, probably since the fall, I have seen more and more women fashioning black leggings with brown boots.  At first, I was appalled - obviously, they must have had a crazy morning and not noticed this obnoxious mistake!  But after seeing the look a few more times, I'm almost ready to pair my own brown boots with my black leggings.

Technically, both colors, black and brown, are neutrals.  So, they should go together without a problem.  But there have been many "dirty" looks exchanged if a woman carries a brown purse with her all-black outfit.  Maybe it's time to welcome and enjoy the color combination.  Afterall, brown on black seems a bit more fun and stylish than brown on brown or black on black. 

You gonna try it?  Dare me to?


Framed felt

I'm a big fan of building a picture wall using lots of frames and a similar motif.  But sometimes it's easy to forget that a photo collage doesn't need to only use photographs.  You can use magazine cut-outs, postcards, tree branches or even...felt cut-outs!

All you need is some felt (which can be purchased at any local craft store for practically pennies) and templates for cutting (think stencils or google and print out templates online).  And if you are a bit too lazy or not at all crafty, you can buy pre-cut felt shapes.  The Kutz shop at Etsy offers those deilcate butterfly cut-outs you see in the photos above and many other choices, all ranging from $1.50-$10 per piece. 


Simple and chic doilies

I found this photo online and thought "what a simple, yet visually-stimulating idea."  Yes, that is the thought that crossed my mind.

In my head, paper doilies with orange thumbtacks doesn't sound too appealing.  However, when seeing a photo of different sized doilies arranged in a shape of a tree branch with orange thumbtacks creating the look of flowers....WOW.

Great idea for apartment dwellers.


Cool idea for storing your necklaces

How cute!  If you are anything like me, you have a ton of necklaces and a few ways of storing it.  I use a jewelry tree for most of my bigger pieces, but I love this idea.  We all have a lamp in the bedroom, how about doubling up it's use and hanging your necklaces on the lamp neck.  Dresses up the lamp and stores your pretty necklaces.


If you love books

I love to read a good book.  And I really love adorable book "accessories".  I recently came across some cute and useful items and want to share them with you.

Of course, every book need a good bookmark.  How about a thin sheet of stainless steel with an etched bicycle.  Adorable!

Tricked out trike, $11, supermarkethq.com

Another book "necessity" are bookends to store all those good reads.  Check out these useful and decorative bookends.  Will work well on any shelf.

Cube bookends, $24.95, cb2
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