Brown loves black

For those of you who are die-hard I-will-never-be-seen-pairing-brown-with-black, get ready for a pleasant change! 

For the past few months, probably since the fall, I have seen more and more women fashioning black leggings with brown boots.  At first, I was appalled - obviously, they must have had a crazy morning and not noticed this obnoxious mistake!  But after seeing the look a few more times, I'm almost ready to pair my own brown boots with my black leggings.

Technically, both colors, black and brown, are neutrals.  So, they should go together without a problem.  But there have been many "dirty" looks exchanged if a woman carries a brown purse with her all-black outfit.  Maybe it's time to welcome and enjoy the color combination.  Afterall, brown on black seems a bit more fun and stylish than brown on brown or black on black. 

You gonna try it?  Dare me to?

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