Guest bathroom update

So, as many of you know, I am a renter.  It's great because I never have to worry about plowing snow or fixing a leak.  But it sucks because I can't paint the walls or do any "real" house updates.  However, I take full advantage in decorating my apartment to make it feel more like home.

This week I am working on re-decorating my bathroom (note: not actual glass shower pictured).  

Here is the before mood board (I know the towels look like they are made for a child, but I loved the dragonflies on them!).

(1) Posters and frames (similar as pictured), $80, IKEA (2) Simply Vera Vera Wang Bath Towel, $19.99 each, Kohl’s (3) Bath rug, $19.99, Target (4) Bacova® Flyaway Butterfly Towels, $16.99 each, Kohl’s

Here is the after mood board:

(1) SONOMA life + style Coral, $19.99, Kohl’s (2) Pebble mat, $44.95, cb2 (3) Posters and frames (similar as pictured), $80, IKEA (4) Coral Jacquard Hand Towels, $19 each, Potterybarn (5) Contemporary Home Towel Set – Ebony, $37.99, Target


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just breathe said...

i really like the "after" mood board

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