Bamboo charcoal

We all have millions of scented candles, sprays, plug-ins and assortments of aromatic rocks/leaves/chips spread out throughout the house to keep deodorize and add fragrance to every room. Great idea, but this sometimes results is an over-pungent scent or creates a chaotic, multi-colored and, sometimes, mismatched display of wax/rocks/leaves on every shelf.

I introduce to you: bamboo charcoal. Most looks like a short, black bamboo stick, that not only blends in with any surrounding, but also looks serene, chic and decorative.

Bamboo charcoal comes from a rapidly growing moso bamboo plant, which, due to its growth characteristics, develops a porous structures. These millions of holes work as a deodorizer and dehumidifier. It is also recommended, for best performance, to place the bamboo charcoal piece outside in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours once a month to keep it working for up to one year.

There are many shapes and forms of bamboo charcoal: rocks, flat slabs, sticks. Each works for a specific method of display. The granulated rocks can be as household plant mulch or mixed with the soil to absorb excess water and release it back into the plant when it dries up. The flat slabs are ideal for litter boxes. And the sticks (my personal favorite) can be displayed in a cylinder glass vase at home or at the office to add some d├ęcor and help freshen and maintain the humidity and quality of the air without screaming “I’m an air freshener.”

Here are some options:
(1) Premium Bamboo Charcoal, $24.95, http://www.c60bamboo.com/category/5582514001/1/Air-Fresheners.htm (2) Bamboo Charcoal Sticks by Ever Bamboo, $7.50, http://compostablegoods.com/product_info.php?products_id=203

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Who would think that bamboo charcoal will look so pretty in the box. I like it!!

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