Decorating in multiples

If you are looking to spruce up your dwelling on a small budget, think about creating a big statement by finding one low-cost element to use multiple times.  In other words, find one appealing inexpensive accessory (could be a mirror, a picture frame, a candle) and then buy 5-10 identical or similar ones.  You save in costs because you are buying smaller elements and the result of combining them is stellar.

As seen in a past post, Multiple Chandeliers, designers have been using this trick for a long time.  Just flip through any of your latest decor catalogs or magazines - they are all guilty of playing up their merchandise in such a manner. 

One thing to note: make sure the multiple elements don't get lost in a space that is too large.  Just throwing them into a room will create chaos.  Instead, find a focal wall (especially if it's small) or an empty shelf and fill that space entirely.  Another way to get the same affect is to visually create boundaries.  This can be achieved by using trays to hold your multiple accessories or installing other wall art to create a visible border.

Some photos to get you rolling... 

I love the affect of having multiple candles on the table, especially when they are poised high on glass bottles.  And the affect of using many super inexpensive glass candle holders is amazing!  Low cost, rich look.

Do you have a magazine rack?  Buy two more!  Fills out the space and creates an almost-library (or at least a corporate lobby) look...in a good way.

Mirror mirror on the wall.  Why not multiply you so I can see 10 reflections at the same time.

Rugs are overpriced, in my mind.  Especially if you need to fill an entire room.  However, you can save lots of money by buying multiple smaller rugs and combining them together - in a way that still looks clean and doesn't fall into the "trashy looking" category.

You can really apply this rule to anything - displaying plates on a wall, arranging white vases on a console, using decorative spheres. 

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Anonymous said...

I love multiple candles on the table. Warm and cozy.

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