Surprising fashions

Some brands can pleasantly surprise you with their renewed sense of fashion (or a new hire in the buying department!). Two recent companies that have made me want to film a cliché fashion montage while trying out their latest lines are Land's End and Talbots. Suprising, right?

Land's End came out with a Canvas line, which includes simple pieces with a preppy slant. The collection includes everything you need to create a complete look – from skirts to printed tanks to swimsuits to fun accessories (scarves, belts, etc.). Oh, and the prices are fabulous too – most items are $19.50 or $39.50.

I was browsing the latest Talbots magazine and thought "how very J. Crew of them" – what a complete transformation for what used to be an overly-outdated-and-quiet-unattractive store. This season, Talbots is featuring super chic looks, complete with tailored coats, attractive skinny jeans, luxurious-looking tops and overall very well put-together outfits. Nice work, Talbots!

Think you'll go check these places out, now that they've had a facelift?

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Thanks for the props! If you like what you see online, you're gonna love the blog! Check it out...

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