Sea fan art work

I came across this beautiful artwork: framed sea fan on linen at art.com. Simple square aluminum frame and naturally sporadic and tangled sea fan laid out on neutral linen fabric. What was not so beautiful about it: the $199.99 price tag!

As I started to mentally disassemble this artwork to see how it could possibly be so pricey, I decided that this is just a simple hand-crafter project! I found a plain white square 12”x12” shadow box at Target ($9.99), a natural 5”X7” sea fan from the TheNatureCompany.mybisi.com ($3.95), silver spray paint from Home Depot ($5.98) and some linen fabric from Hobby Lobby ($0.49). That’s a whooping grand total of $20.41! Done and done.

I also found this complete tutorial at Freckles Chick if you want to attempt to create your own version.


just breathe said...

very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, love it !!!

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