Instant curb appeal

It’s easy to rate houses on curb appeal simply by looking at them. Clean, updated and well coordinated exteriors are aesthetically pleasing and very inviting.

But upgrading your own house’s curb appeal might seem overwhelming and better left to the pro’s. Well….not really. Once you break down any front door entry design, you will notice that there is a clear (and easy) formula to follow that ensures instant curb appeal.

I will not get into the big projects that influence curb appeal, such as siding and landscaping. But I do want to show you pictures of houses with high curb appeal and point out the similarities for each design (it’s like a color by numbers game…without the coloring). Try upgrading your house’s curb appeal by infusing your own style into each one of these elements, one at a time.

1. Upgrade the front door – Buy a new custom door to dress up your house or just paint the existing door. A contrasting or bring color is a quick way to update the façade.

2. Add strategic lighting – New lighting fixtures, symmetrically straddling the front door, add an architectural appeal during the day and a soft and welcoming glow (especially if you use those efficient GE bulbs that glow a pretty white/blue) at night. Additional path lights or suspended lanterns also add to the character and appeal of your house.

3. Grow an instant garden – Adding fun and even matching planters with foliage is a great way to add freshness to your entry. Plants can be suspended from the canopy (if you have a front porch) or placed in tall planters surrounding the front door. Another option is adding window boxes to your house.

4. House numbers – I think this is such a big element for any house – please don’t skip it! Numbers come in so many different styles (metallic modern, etched glass, stickers) that it would be easy to make a style statement even before anyone enters. Placement of numbers is important: above the door, in the middle of the door, on the garage, on the glass next to the door (if you have that), among many other options. Have fun!

5. Mailbox – Not only a necessity to receive the daily mail, the mailbox is also a style statement. It can say “I’m neglected and embarrassing” or “I’m updated and stylish”. There are so many different mailbox options, whether you want to hang it by the door or prop it by the curb.

6. Doormat – Probably the least expensive element of curb appeal, the doormat can be utilitarian and fashionable. They come in different sizes, colors, design, material… and with a low price tag, feel free to change it up often.

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