Reader Question: Zebra Chairs in the Living Room

Last week, I received a specific question about incorporating zebra chairs into a modern living room. My input: DO IT!

But please don’t OVER do it. Less is more: one or two zebra accent pieces will be plenty to add some fun and style while still preserving the sophistication and class of the overall design.

With that said, I love the idea of adding bold prints to any room. Zebra print works well because whether it’s black/white or cocoa/cream, it’s a neutral and can be mixed in with any color scheme. Giraffe print (LOVE) also works just as well and is even a bit more unexpected.

The main objective when adding bold elements to your already existing room is to make sure to keep the style of the room intact. For example, if you have a modern/sleek/fresh style, make sure the chair or rug or ottoman also contains the clean and straight lines.

Here are some possible zebra chair options. Note that even if the chair leans a bit into a “contemporary” style (rounded off edges, hardware accents), you can still work it into a modern room by positioning and styling it appropriately.

Row 1: (1) Gibson Zebra Armchair, $795, Williams-Sonoma (2) Dolce Zebra Print Lounger Chair, $160, Target (3) Brookside Chair, $1,550, Williams-Sonoma

An alternative to adding zebra chairs is adding zebra ottomans, benches or stools. They still provide seating area, but can also work as the stylishly-printed focal point of the room.

Row 1: (1) Zebra Cocktail Ottoman, $999, Macy’s (2) Crosby Stool, $1,550, Williams-Sonoma
Row 2: (3) Presidio Settee, $2,250, Williams-Sonoma

Whichever zebra piece you choose, I suggest picking an option that can work in multiple rooms: accent chair in a living room, sitting area in a bedroom, head of table in dining room. This way, you can switch up your style/rooms without breaking the bank. I leave you with some great ideas on how to incorporate zebra print into your home. Hope this was helpful!


Erika said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I think I am going to go with a big Zebra Ottoman. I actually found one at Macy's: http://www.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=313926&cm_mmc=Google_Feed-_-7-_-85-_-{keyword}&kw={keyword}

Not to monopolize your time, but could I do a big zebra ottoman on a turquoise rug? Not to make it look too crazy but the walls are gray and I need some color! The picture you posted of the zebra furniture with yellow accents was really nice.

When I get the room done I'll have to send you a picture.

I love your blog and your great ideas! Keep it coming!

DG said...

Thank you, Erika, for all the praise! Glad I am able to help you out :).
I personally like neutral rooms, so if I would add color, I would probably suggest doing small touches of it. I think the ottoman is the central focus piece and does not need a rug to further emphasize it. In addition, you don’t want to have all of your “WOW” factors cluttered together in one area. I would suggest a neutral rug and maybe use that turquoise color either in some pillows for the couch OR maybe as the drapes in the room. And remember, little bits of color are usually enough to add style to your living room without adding clutter or distraction.
Love that ottoman and love that you have grey walls! Feel free to keep the questions coming and I can’t wait to see your finished room pics!!

Erika said...

Ok so I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams "SilverPlate" and bought the ottoman from Macys (on sale, too!). What do you think of these chairs with the ottoman? In black or white? Is the paint color too dull?

DG said...

I like the wall color - subtle enough to allow you to play up prints through curtains or pillows.
Yay on the Macy's ottoman - good deal! I really LOVE the white chairs...I know they are not as practical, but they are definitely more modern and fresh. But if you did want to do the black chairs, you can add white (which I love in any room) with throws, candles, etc.
Looking good!

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