Crate and Barrel Hurricane

Remember the ultra chic candle hurricanes that I blogged about from West Elm?  Well, looks like Crate and Barrel wanted to get into the action.  They have come out with their own ultra chic hurricane and they totally hit the right note!  They kept the perforated metal, but also added some clear glass at the top so you can easily see the flame flicker.

Which do you prefer?

Pixel Hurricane, $39.95, Crate and Barrel


Over-sized Mirror

Last weekend, I was catching up on some drama-filled Real Housewives of New Jersey, when I saw Teresa's gorgeous over-sized mirror in her bedroom.  Beyond the ornate border, my first thought was "that is HUGE!" and then I thought "I want it!" 

Not only does it serve a real purpose (you get to see your full outfit any which way you turn), but it also add drama to the wall and a focal point to the room.  Obviously, the bedroom is a great location for an over-sized mirror, as that is the place where you get dressed.  The mirror, simultaneously, serves a purpose, adds grandeur and dresses up a bedroom.

Another great location would be the entry way.  Talk about first impressions as your guests walk right into a huge mirror.  It magnifies a typically small entry way and immediately established your style.  And, of course, this location would also provide the opportunity for that one final glance right before you step out of the house.

But don't feel limited to these rooms.  If you have a large living or dining room, think about placing an over-sized mirror against one of the walls.  Instant interest and style added!


Unexpected Bathroom Additions

Bathrooms do not all have to be identical.  I say feel free to customize your bathroom, regardless of how unorthodox it may look.  Displaying family photos, plants and flowers or adding floor-length curtains, a chandelier or a comfortable chair can all work in your bathroom.  It's true!  Here are some pics to get your ideas flowing.

What would you like to add to your bathroom?


Fashion Trend: Clear Bead Statement Necklaces

I have noticed large round clear beads decorating the necks of women in fashion magazines and on the web.  Have to admit that I haven't seen one of these on anyone I know (yet), but am loving the bold statement of such a simple (and clean) necklace.

Unfortunately, I have not found any of the clear bead necklaces at a reasonable price...but I will keep searching.

Row 1: (1) Graduated Clear Bead Necklace, $110, Neiman Marcus (2) Rhodium Bead Necklace, $695, Michael Kors
Row 2: (3) Graduated Bead Necklace, $295, Sak’s Fifth Avenue


Bedroom Color, Less is More

Sometimes using color sparingly in your bedroom creates a sleek and serene environment.  You may argue that monotone rooms can get boring, but I think your bedroom is the one room where you should keep colors to a minimum.  Using neutral shades (browns, grey/blacks, whites) is a great idea for a bedroom if you want to portray calm, relaxation and rest.

Just think of the past hotels you have visited and loved – I bet most of them had white-on-white bedding (don’t you love sleeping in a white fluffy cloud?) and neutral furniture/colors.  Here are some bedrooms that got their “usage of color” just right:


HGTV's What's My Style Quiz

Have I told you that I love style quizzes?  It's a fun way to find out how aware you are of your personal style.  I sometimes characterize myself in one particular style, but find that I like elements of a different style. Also, since style is never clean cut, these style quizzes attempt to provide simplified category names that embody all of the different variable and all of your different answers.

HGTV’s What’s My Style Quiz is a fun, easy, 12-question quiz. The quiz consists of open-ended statements, such as “my refrigerator looks more like…” and “I could get a great night’s sleep here…” and “This best represents my phase in life…” and provides you with multiple images to serve as your answers.

My style, according to HGTV's quiz: Asian Zen.  Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to read a Feng Shui book.


Fashion Trend: The Safari Jacket

The Safari Jacket has been on the radar since early this year and, despite the hot weather, continues to be a popular pick. I think what makes it so popular is its versatility – you can wear it with jeans or a dress for a casual chic look. How do you wear yours?

All images courtesy of LOFT
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