Fashion Trend: Clear Bead Statement Necklaces

I have noticed large round clear beads decorating the necks of women in fashion magazines and on the web.  Have to admit that I haven't seen one of these on anyone I know (yet), but am loving the bold statement of such a simple (and clean) necklace.

Unfortunately, I have not found any of the clear bead necklaces at a reasonable price...but I will keep searching.

Row 1: (1) Graduated Clear Bead Necklace, $110, Neiman Marcus (2) Rhodium Bead Necklace, $695, Michael Kors
Row 2: (3) Graduated Bead Necklace, $295, Sak’s Fifth Avenue


Renee said...

So bought a clear necklace today!

DG said...

Nice! Want a pic :)

jewelry dazzle said...

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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