HGTV's What's My Style Quiz

Have I told you that I love style quizzes?  It's a fun way to find out how aware you are of your personal style.  I sometimes characterize myself in one particular style, but find that I like elements of a different style. Also, since style is never clean cut, these style quizzes attempt to provide simplified category names that embody all of the different variable and all of your different answers.

HGTV’s What’s My Style Quiz is a fun, easy, 12-question quiz. The quiz consists of open-ended statements, such as “my refrigerator looks more like…” and “I could get a great night’s sleep here…” and “This best represents my phase in life…” and provides you with multiple images to serve as your answers.

My style, according to HGTV's quiz: Asian Zen.  Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to read a Feng Shui book.

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