Over-sized Mirror

Last weekend, I was catching up on some drama-filled Real Housewives of New Jersey, when I saw Teresa's gorgeous over-sized mirror in her bedroom.  Beyond the ornate border, my first thought was "that is HUGE!" and then I thought "I want it!" 

Not only does it serve a real purpose (you get to see your full outfit any which way you turn), but it also add drama to the wall and a focal point to the room.  Obviously, the bedroom is a great location for an over-sized mirror, as that is the place where you get dressed.  The mirror, simultaneously, serves a purpose, adds grandeur and dresses up a bedroom.

Another great location would be the entry way.  Talk about first impressions as your guests walk right into a huge mirror.  It magnifies a typically small entry way and immediately established your style.  And, of course, this location would also provide the opportunity for that one final glance right before you step out of the house.

But don't feel limited to these rooms.  If you have a large living or dining room, think about placing an over-sized mirror against one of the walls.  Instant interest and style added!


Crave said...

I've always preferred seeing the whole picture...i mean really, how can you judge something in pieces.

DG said...

Agreed. And it makes it easier to get a picture of your entire outfit for posting to Twitter :)

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