Greyhound Statue

I've been eyeing a greyhound statue at my local Home Goods for a few months now. And every time I see it again, I love it more.

At first, it seems a bit odd...I mean who really displays a greyhound statue in their house? But a closer look reveals the smooth curves and clean appeal of the shiny white porcelain statue. The white color also allows the greyhound to live in almost any room of the house – the entryway, the living room, maybe even the bathroom.  Unexpected loveliness. 

Wonder how our new puppy will react to a dog statue (considering she plays with her own reflection in the mirror).

Here are some more expensive versions I found online.  But check a Home Goods near you first!

Row 1: (1) Greyhound Sculpture, $850, www.maisonluxe.net (2) Ceramic dog sculpture, $429, Neiman Marcus

And here are some adorable greyhounds being used appropriately as home decor.


Anonymous said...

Hey Im not sure how old this post is, but I WANT A GREYHOUND Statue Have you seen it again,I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I have been putting email out to all my family across the country to keep an eye out for one. The funny thing is I am a Frequent Home Goods Shopper They know my name at the store lol! My home is Accented in White Silver and I have been waiting to find a the right greyhound for at least two years

DG said...

Hi! This post is pretty old, so I'm not seeing the original sculptured I blogged about. However, I was able to find one here http://www.wellappointedhouse.com/Products/150840-the-well-appointed-house-italian-ceramic-greyhound.aspx and here http://www.verticco.com/home-decor/sculptures/twos-company-ceramic-greyhound-sculpture-39362.html. Hopefully those will work. Happy shopping! DG

Anonymous said...

And here for WAY cheaper! http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/585221.htm

DG said...

WOW great find! That's a steal! Thanks for sharing :)

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