Pretty Basement Window Wells

Sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But then I saw Freckles Chick’s basement renovation pictures. WOW, who knew that basement window wells could be so chic. And let in so much light! Awesome work!


Salt and Pepper (and Soy) Shakers

One smooth white salt shaker + one rough grey pepper shaker + open base for oil/syrup/sauces = one adorable and stackable table sculpture!


Visual Packing List

Super jealous that Fabulous Doodles can simply sketch her packing list and know exactly what to bring and wear for her entire vacation! Love this.

My version of a visual packing list consists of laying out clothes on my bed in full pre-determined outfits, complete with accessories and shoes. Then I snap a few quick pictures with my phone before packing everything in my suitcase. This is great because you can just browse your photo gallery to remember what you packed and see what options you brought, without having to dig through your entire suitcase.

‘Cause we have all brought extra stuff on vacation that never even left the hotel room. I’m just saying…

What are your packing secrets?


New Lauren Conrad Arrivals

Lauren Conrad came out with a few new pieces, available at Kohl's.  Here are some of my favorites:

Row 1: (1) LC Lauren Conrad Pintuck Tunic, $40 (2) LC Lauren Conrad Bow Dress, $60
Row 2: (3) LC Lauren Conrad Brushstroke Ruffle Tank, $40 (4) LC Lauren Conrad Embellished Sweater , $60


Rectangular Candle Holder

Remember the West Elm candle holder I blogged about this past summer?  Well, for the fall, West Elm came out with a similar one, but in a rectangular shape.  Personally, I love it!  West Elm also sells perfectly square candles and when you place 2-3 of them in this candle holder, you get a stunning result.


Framed Memories

I came across Small Notebook for a Simple Home’s post on how to display memorabilia and paper souvenirs.

Here is the breakdown:
  1. Buy any frame that appeals to you
  2. Tape photos, tickets, paper scraps on any color sheet of paper
  3. Place the sheet of paper into the frame
  4. Hang it up!
I think it would be fun to do a frame for each trip – so as you walk through your hallway, you can reminisce on all of your travels. In a neat and organized fashion!


Fun Finds at Spoon Sisters

Spoon Sisters carries some fun and unique gifts. I initially stumbled upon them because I was searching for cute paperclips. And then I fell in love with the rest of the fun stuff on their website. Here are some of my favorites:

Row 1: (1) Kaboom Candles - With Sparking Wicks, $8.95
Row 2: (2) Numberclips - 0 to 9, $5.95 (3) LOVE Pencils with Swarovski Crystals - Set of 3, $10.98
Row 3: (4) Babushkups - A Trio of Nesting Glasses, $17.95
Row 4: (5) Love Paperweight – SILVER, $69 (6) Message Bean, $18.95


Eco-Friendly and Cute Flats

Any casual fall day calls for an adorable pair of flats! There are so many styles and options avaialble. I recently came across EXTRASEED at Etsy and fell in love with their simple flat in bold colors and patterns.

These custom-made shoes are reasonably priced from $38 to $55. AND these shoes are eco-friendly and vegan! Who knew shoes could be vegan?

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