Holiday Wine

Bringing a bottle of wine to a holiday party for the host is always the perfect gift.  It’s so perfect, that you’ll probably be one of many to bring the same gift.  Although some (like me) will not mind bottles upon bottles of wine, it would be nice if your bottle stands out from the rest.

One way to do this is by dressing up your bottle.  Yep, dressing it.  I’m not talking about the usual rectangular bottle gift bag in a holiday red/green color scheme.  I’m talking about using wrapping faux fur around the neck of the bottle and pinning it with a cute pin/brooch.  I did this last year – doesn’t it look so cozy all bundled up?

Another way is to gift a wine accessory, along with the bottle.  Items, such as stoppers and collars will be used long after the wine is gone.  I found some practical accessories at True Fabrications that are sleek and shiny.  Perfect for the holidays!

Row 1: (1) Black/White Flexible Wine Stoppers, $15.99 (2) Chrome Wine Drip Rings, $4.49
Row 2: (3) Chrome Wine Foil Cutter, $4.99 (4) Metal Plated Wine Collar, $7.99 

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