Holidays Outfits

Picking out the perfect outfit for a family party can be tricky. On the one side, you want something comfortable that will allow you to eat to your heart’s content, snooze on the couch and play with the little ones. On the other side, you want to look dressy, stylish and current.

A simple solution: LEGGINGS!

Leggings are comfy, stretchy, cozy and stylish. There are thicker ones for more warmth and embellished ones for more style. They come in a variety of colors and some even look like jeans (aka jeggings).

Once you got the leggings, pair them with one of the following:

Then add a pair of tall boots. Heels, flats…doesn’t matter.

Finish the look with some blingy accessories.


Easy peasy!


Anonymous said...

What store are these accessories from? I love it.

DG said...

The necklace is from Ann Taylor. Pearl bracelet and blingy earrings are from J. Crew. Silver bracelet and drop earrings are from Banana Republic.

Hope that helps!

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