Metallic over-sized watches

As you might have suspected, the over-sized watch trend, which has been around for 2-3 years, is not fading anytime soon. In fact, it just keeps on getting better!

Last summer, the ceramic white band was all the rage (see last year’s post here). This spring, I am seeing metallics – from silver to gold to rose gold.

I just got this silver Michael Kors one and am super excited at the way it looks on my arm!

I’m also noticing people are opting for less glitzy watches (no crystals or diamonds around the face) and pairing them with big sparkly, chunky bracelets.  It adds to the watch and creates one big statement on your arm.

What over-sized watch are you going to wear this summer?


Tanya said...

Love this watch!!

sixth floor apartment said...

i have that exact michael kors watch, and love it!

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