Gift Wrapping

If I could run a business wrapping people's gifts, I would be in heaven.  I believe that presentation is key!  No matter what you are bringing to someone (flowers, food plate, gift box), if it's wrapped appropriately and beautifully, it will be far more appreciated and enjoyed.  I think so, anyway.  This is why I sometimes spend an equal amount of time selecting the perfect wrapping paper, ribbon, bow combination as I do the actual gift.

In the last two weeks, I had three gifts to wrap for three different occasions:

1. Birthday gift for grandma. I started off with simple Kraft paper and added some color with a textured jewel-toned purple strip.  Finished it off with a rope-like white ribbon, tied in a bow.

2. Mother's Day gift for my mom.  Loving that the paper is not too "baby girl" and not too "shocking pink"... just the right shade of pink.  Decided to add a bit more sass with a leopard-print wide ribbon and matching bow.

3. Baby Shower gift from a friend.  Even though we knew the baby is going to be a boy, I stayed neutral in my wrapping.  Neutral, but still very baby-shower-appropriate!  I started off with a fantastic black polka dots on white paper.  Since the gift was bath related, I wanted to incorporate an adorable rubber ducky (the water temperature gauge kind), so I opted for some yellow ribbon and tied the ducky to the top, in lieu of a bow.  Sooo cute!

And, I totally have a "Gift Wrap" pin board, to store all those great ideas I see online.  You know it! 

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