Gift Wrapping

June is a busy month for me, in terms of celebrations. I have 4 birthdays and Father's Day. Obviously, this post is a bit dated now, but I though I'd still share some of my June gift wrapping ideas.

1. This first gift is for my mom's birthday. I decided to do a bold print with loud red and pink colors because my mom is a fan :). By using a skinny ribbon with a tiny bow, I created a finished-look without adding unnecessary distraction.

2. This gift was for my grandma's birthday and I just wanted to use this adorable green paper! It's so pretty, it can live on its own. In lieu of a bow, I picked out an elaborate ribbon with lots of detail and added a couple of stripes to one side of the package. This quickly added interest and sparkle.

3. This last gift was to my dad for Father's Day. I admit it's a bit hard to keep gifts looking masculine. There isn't any special "boy paper" unless it is for a 5 year old. So, I kept it safe with some kraft paper. And then added a punch of "manly" red color with a super pretty and wide striped ribbon.


Nude Nails

Maybe it's a summer thing or all those pics on Pinterest, but I'm on a total kick (again) for nail polish! It's so easy to change out and create a new look.

I was breezing through an earlier summer issue of People Style Watch (don't ask me why) and came across this article:

As I browsed my nail polish drawer, I noticed an Essie Sand Tropez polish that I never actually fell in love with.  As described on their website, it's "a soft sandy beige", perfect for a nude nail!  So, I painted away.... and was pretty happy with the outcome.  I think it came out a bit more gray than the brown-pigment in the "nude nail" look.

THEN, as always, I was browsing Pinterest and came across this nail idea: paint one nail with glitter, still the same shade of color as the rest.

So I ran out at lunch to find a perfect shade of glitter.  End result: super happy!!


Wrapping "Paper" Gifts

Although I am a huge believer in searching for a perfect physical gift, sometimes a "paper" gift, such as a Gift Card or a print-out, cannot be avoided. For example, if you want to send someone for a fabulous dinner, you need to get them a Gift Card to the restaurant. Or if you want to give someone tickets to a show, you need to get them the paper tickets or even the printed out PDF. In this case, you run into "how do I made this look like a pretty gift?"

Enter: Paper Source! (wipe off the drool...) Most of you probably share my love for this store. If you have not yet been, GO!

Paper Source has (what seems like) a million different ideas to wrap even the most obscure gifts. All shapes of boxes, gift tags, ribbons and gorgeous paper! I was looking for a super pretty, yet masculine, envelope within which I wanted to include a restaurant gift card and menu. I thought about getting a regular Hallmark card and sticking it in there, but (1) those type of cards usually come with a plain (and mainly white) envelope and (2) the restaurant menu was a long, narrow shape.

And then, I saw it! It was everything I wanted. Long, narrow, dark navy with a string and button closure! It was perfect.

Not too frilly, but definitely stylish and way prettier than any regular envelope.  It also make my "paper" look and feel like a real gift.  Mission: accomplished. 


Design Star: Flower Edition

Last Sunday, I was watching the latest season for HGTV's Design Star. Their assignment was "Dream Kitchen" and, as I am looking for ideas to re-do my own kitchen, I was hyped. They had to design four of the most popular kitchen layouts, one of which was the two-wall Galley (which is what I have). Lots of good ideas. I think the best key learning was to not be afraid to use bold color on the walls!

My eye, however, went directly to the gorgeous flower arrangements used in the staging of the completed kitchens.  There were two arrangements that I loved:

The first was for a "country" style kitchen and laid out multi-colored tulips in an old-looking, wooden packing crate.  They look as though you just picked them from the garden.  Lovely!

The second one I loved even move (probably because it's more my style).  This was from the "global" themed kitchen and used a shiny bulb-shaped, hammered metal vase with bold pink tulips.  Using a singular color of flower took this arrangement from "pretty" to "gorgeous".

Flowers can add so much style to any room!  So next time you are throwing a house party, make sure to stock up on flowers (even simple carnations) and display them all over for warmth and interest.
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