Gift Wrapping

June is a busy month for me, in terms of celebrations. I have 4 birthdays and Father's Day. Obviously, this post is a bit dated now, but I though I'd still share some of my June gift wrapping ideas.

1. This first gift is for my mom's birthday. I decided to do a bold print with loud red and pink colors because my mom is a fan :). By using a skinny ribbon with a tiny bow, I created a finished-look without adding unnecessary distraction.

2. This gift was for my grandma's birthday and I just wanted to use this adorable green paper! It's so pretty, it can live on its own. In lieu of a bow, I picked out an elaborate ribbon with lots of detail and added a couple of stripes to one side of the package. This quickly added interest and sparkle.

3. This last gift was to my dad for Father's Day. I admit it's a bit hard to keep gifts looking masculine. There isn't any special "boy paper" unless it is for a 5 year old. So, I kept it safe with some kraft paper. And then added a punch of "manly" red color with a super pretty and wide striped ribbon.

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