Wrapping "Paper" Gifts

Although I am a huge believer in searching for a perfect physical gift, sometimes a "paper" gift, such as a Gift Card or a print-out, cannot be avoided. For example, if you want to send someone for a fabulous dinner, you need to get them a Gift Card to the restaurant. Or if you want to give someone tickets to a show, you need to get them the paper tickets or even the printed out PDF. In this case, you run into "how do I made this look like a pretty gift?"

Enter: Paper Source! (wipe off the drool...) Most of you probably share my love for this store. If you have not yet been, GO!

Paper Source has (what seems like) a million different ideas to wrap even the most obscure gifts. All shapes of boxes, gift tags, ribbons and gorgeous paper! I was looking for a super pretty, yet masculine, envelope within which I wanted to include a restaurant gift card and menu. I thought about getting a regular Hallmark card and sticking it in there, but (1) those type of cards usually come with a plain (and mainly white) envelope and (2) the restaurant menu was a long, narrow shape.

And then, I saw it! It was everything I wanted. Long, narrow, dark navy with a string and button closure! It was perfect.

Not too frilly, but definitely stylish and way prettier than any regular envelope.  It also make my "paper" look and feel like a real gift.  Mission: accomplished. 

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