Home Trend: Black Interior Doors

As you know, I am currently working on remodeling my new home (pictures to come soon, I promise!).  As I peruse interior decorating blogs and websites, I have noticed a trend for black interior doors.   I have seen them used in kitchens, closets and bathrooms.  Even found a picture of French doors painted black (see below).  The trim around the doors is still kept white, which adds drama and presence to the entire room. 

I must agree that the color black definitely makes a statement, but I think I'm going to stick to my white doors.  For now :)

*all images via Pinterest


~ rooms FOR rent ~ said...

I really like the black french doors.. and know what you mean.. every time I see them in a photo I really like them, but I personally am too afraid I won't like it in my house.. or it doesn't quite fit my style exactly. SO oh well for now I will stick with my white doors too, but I do really like the black ones :) ~BDD

DG said...

I agree that it's a big risk... it might pay off or it might turn out horribly. Maybe, in the future, I'll have to try it out on ONE door and see if I like it. But who knows, maybe by next year, the "black interior door" trend will be gone :)

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