Kardashian Kollection at Sears

As though we don't run into the Kardashian sisters everywhere already, now they also have a name sake collection (I mean Kollection) at Sears.  From dresses to handbags to lingerie to sunglasses to shoes.  Lots to choose from, however, very little that I actually liked.

Row 1: (1) Box Chain Necklace With Box Chain Loop Front, $16.80 (2) Cropped Fur Vest, $39.99
Row 2: (3) Tunic With Ladder Stitch Sleeves, $49.99 (4) Leather Look Panel Leggings, $39.99
Row 3: (5) Oversized Vintage Sunglasses With Gold Metal Detailing, $21.00 

Row 1: (1) Lace Button Up Shirt With Oversized Neck Bow, $66.99 (2) Metal Ring With Marbled Faceted Acrylic Stone And Rhinestone Border, $15.40
Row 2: (3) Concertina Faux Fur Leopard Print Frame Wallet, $25.20 (4) Sequin Split Sleeve Dress, $68.99 

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