Laundry Room Reveal

The laundry room is complete!  Actually, it has been for a month or so, I have just been too busy to post it.  To refresh your memory, it started off as this (a beige room with all exposed furnace/heater/pipes/necessary-house-stuff elements):

We started off getting rid of the super un-pretty beige linoleum!  Added some pretty gray tiles and painting the walls a greige (Behr Elephant Skin).  Then purchased two horizontal soft-closing white cabinets for storage (Ikea Akurum), a pretty not-your-typical-utility-lamp (Allen + Roth from Lowe's) and bold red washer and dryer (LOVE that pop of color).  Oh, and to cover up the furnace/heater/pipes/necessary-house-stuff elements, I purchased three panel curtains in white (Ikea Anno Inez), to coordinate with the cabinets and closed off that entire section.  I think it looks fab, but I'm partial :)

UPDATE:  I also added a drying rack on the wall that can be folded down when not in use!

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Tanya said...

Great job!! Nice design!!

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