Striped Wall

Who doesn't look a good striped wall?  It adds so much pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary room.  Here are some of excellent examples of good usage of stripes.

I decided that I want to incorporate a striped wall SOMEWHERE in my house.  Since stripes work best with bold, bright colors, I decided to paint my guest bedroom rich, brilliant blue (Behr Mosaic Blue).  I left one wall for a fun striped affect, intermixing blue and white... so nautical and pretty! 

The bottom blue section looks way too large, but that is only because once the high white baseboard is added to the wall, the blue/ white stripes will be perfectly equal.

Going along with a nautical look of the blue and white stripes, I want to add some decorative elements that play on the theme, but are not so overwhelming that you feel like you just joined the navy.  Here are some elements that would be pretty once they are strategically placed in this gorg room.


Oooh la la!

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