Front Door Window Treatment

My front door has a large window on the top half.  It's pretty and adds some interest to the door.  But it also adds a question of window treatment and privacy.

When I first purchased my place, the door had an off-white (or dirty... hard to tell) honeycomb blind.  Functional: yes.  Attractive: noooo.

After google-ing solutions to replace the blind, nothing seems appealing.  My options consisted of: getting a new blind (and have to deal with it flying all over the place every time I open and close the front door), adding fabric curtains (do I even need to comment on why this option is super unappealing?) or leaving the glass wide open (privacy concern).

And then, I stumbled upon privacy film/ cling.  Found it at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Easy to install (it's a cling, so you can reposition it as often as necessary) and looks incredible!  Allows light to filter through; has an interesting texture to add something pretty to the door; AND provides substantial privacy as you can only see shapes on the other side.

Final result (it is only fair to disclose that the entire door also received a fresh coat of white paint):



Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing, we are building a house and the front door has a window like yours. I found your blog looking for what my options were for covering it.

DG said...

Glad to help! Note, make sure to use enough water (follow the directions) to make sure the cling truly sticks to the glass...otherwise, it peels off after a while.

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