Guest Bathroom Reveal

I hope that when guests stay at my place, they feel comfortable, relaxed and like they are treating themselves to a chic stay at a boutique hotel.  Although the guest bedroom still has a ways to go, the guest bathroom is completely remodeled.  I still need to add some decorative touches, but wanted to share this with you because I think the "before/after" photos are dramatic enough!

Quick reminder of the before (hold your breath):

The cabinets were repainted and I added some sleek door handles for a quick updated look.  One of the largest impacts was framing the mirror, which created an instant "complete" look.  Switched out those hidious lamp bulbs for a very pretty vanity lamp and got a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous marble countertop with a shiny new faucet.  Finished off the bathroom with new hardware.

The after:

Come on over and stay for a bit with me :)

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Mom said...

Great job, Dina !!

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