Fashion Trend: Colored Jeans

You've seen them.  And you tried to look away.  But they are everywhere you turn... at the store, at Starbucks, on a girl walking her dog.

Colored jeans are "it" this spring season.

 *images from LOFT, Nordstrom and Gap

They make quiet a statement, so if you are a bit unsure, start off with a blue pair (they stand out from regular jeans, but do not draw too much attention).  If you are ready to take this trend by the pant leg (hehe), go for a bold green or pink.

I actually was not sure if I would really wear a colored jean or just add it to the piles of jeans pleasantly resting in my closet.  Until I came across a Lauren Conrad pair at Kohl's, which were not only the perfect petite length, but were also on sale!  Granted they were petite length only because they are "ankle" jeans... so not sure how they will fit on normal-sized humans.  But they are "Malibu Doll" red and have a comfy skinny fit, which can be dressed down with flats for the weekend or dressed up with stilettos for a night out.  Either way, they are going to be red hot!

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