Summer Shades

This winter, Chicagoans have been spoiled rotten!  After being scared to death by meteorologists that predicted this "winter’s going to clobber Chicago," the lack of snow and freezing temperatures have been a pleasant surprise.  Should have known better than to trust a meteorologist.

And as we approach spring, nothing feels more right than purchasing a new pair of shades.  Right?!

For the past 8 months, I have been drooling over the Tom Ford's Whitney.... oooh aaaah [insert drool].  It's a classic (and always stylish) over-sized shape, but since the lenses are rounded off and wrap around the face, they don't look TOO big even on my little face.  The distinct elements of the Whitney's are the crisscrossed bridge, gradient tinted lenses and open sides.

I decided to go with a Dark Grey pair.  It give the same dramatic affect, but in a softer manner.

Let the sun shine! 

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Slim Black Leather Jacket said...

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