Gladiolus Leftovers

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon the most beautiful gladiolus at Whole Foods. They were HUGE, bright and at the peak of perfection.  I arranged them in a tall glass vase, simply criss-crossing each stalk so they would hold each other up and create a balanced look.  It's hard to tell how enormous this arrangement turned out simply because the gladiolus were so tall.

After a few days, the pretty gladiolus started to wither away (true story of real flowers).   However, the very tips of each stalk have just started to bloom.  So to save those bright blooms, I cut them off the dead stalks and placed them in a much shorter and smaller round glass vase.  To add a little bit of balance (and, let's be honest, pizzazz!), I added a mixture of large stones and tiny pebbles to the bottom of the vase.  Now I can enjoy a few extra days with these gorgeous blooms.

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