Until We Meet Again

As you may have noticed, I've been slacking a bit on keeping up with my lovely blog.  As much as I love having a space to express my thoughts (and latest fashion obsessions), I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the social media activities that I (willfully) enrolled myself in and entertain on an hourly basis.  Between Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram and Pinterest (to name a few), there is just too much going on.  I am not saying that I am about to delete all of my social media accounts (that would be too radical!).  However, I am saying that I am choosing "less".  Less things to update, less things to stay updated on and, in general, less "not real life" stuff to worry about.

With that said, I am closing out DG Style.  It had a great run (started in Aug 2009) and I fully enjoyed sharing my personal insights.  Thank you for all of your support over the years!  I loved the entire ride.  And I look forward to running into you again, in the future.

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